Military To Take Over from Mugabe; Transitional Unity Govt; Fresh Elections Plans


General Chiwenga has warned the politicians that the country
belongs to the war veterans who put their life on the line. He
reminded the politicians that they are civilians who work for
the citizens. He also asked the citizens not worry about
anything but to enjoy the freedom they fought for.


The army has refused to be silenced by the president’s wife who
wanted to highjack power with her G40 friends in Zanu PF
deviating from the Zanla forces agreement before independence.


The army will dismiss the govt and parliament and take control
of the status quo and suspend the impending elections.


That will allow Emmerson Mnangagwa to gather his followers and
be voted back in the party thereby booting out the Mugabe
family in the process.

Chiwenga and others were fired and they refused to step down
and now they have taken control of the country. The security
branch CIO is now reporting to General Chiwenga as Acting Head
of State.

There are discussions already to bring back Joyce Mujuru as
Vice President to Emmerson Mnangagwa alongside Morgan
Tsvangirai, President of the Movement for Democratic Change.
This will be a transitional govt appointed by the army to pave
way for fresh elections giving time for Zanu PF to sort
themselves out.


The army has now started doing Police patrols in all cities of
Zimbabwe protecting the citizens from Police.