Search for a fourth mobile operator nears close


ZICTA is this week expected to close the bidding process for a
fourth mobile operator.

ZICTA Director of Consumer Protection Mofya Chisala confirmed
in an interview that that the authority will close the process
of receiving bids for a fourth mobile operator at the end of
this week.

Mr Chisala who could not disclose how many bids have been
receiving so far could only state that the response from
potential service providers has been good.

He said the bids will then be reviewed by a special committee
after which a successful bid will be picked.

Mr Chisala said ZICTA will be careful in the selection process
to ensure that only a qualify service provider is given a
licence to operate a fourth mobile service in Zambia.

“We are going to be very careful in handling these bids. We
don’t want any Jim and Jack to come into our market, with the
experience we have gained so far, we are approaching this
process with caution so that only a credible company is given a
chance,” Mr Chisala said.

He added, “as you are aware, we set the bid price at K 1millon
and one of the reasons was to ensure that only serious bidders
come through because we don’t want jokers.”
Mr Chisala assured that by the start of 2018, the country will
have a new fourth mobile service provider.

In August, ZICTA invited bids from potential investors to
operate a forth mobile licence in Zambia after it changed the
licensing regime.

Speculations among market players is high that Vodafone which
already runs a data service in the country will be given the
fourth mobile licence which will allow it to also offer voice