PF has no future, says Kambwili


(By Darious Kapembwa and Andrew Chileshe)

CHISHIMBA Kambwili on Sunday brought Mufulira town to a
standstill when his motorcade made rounds in the central
business district.

And Kambwili, the PF Roan member of parliament, who is
challenging his expulsion from the ruling party in court, says
PF secretary general Davies Mwila’s insistence that Edgar Lungu
is still the party’s candidate in the 2021 general elections
goes to show that there is confusion in the ruling party.

But PF Copperbelt chairman Stephen Kainga says as long as
Kambwili continues to attend the National Democratic Congress
meetings, his party’s cadres will continue to beat him up.
Meanwhile, police in Ndola have cancelled NDC’s meeting.

Kambwili, in the company of NDC secretary general Mwenya
Musenge and the new party’s leadership first attended mass at
St Lawrence Catholic Church, attracting the attention of
parishioners who turned to catch a glimpse of him when word
went round that he was attending mass. By the time the church
service ended, residents thronged to the main gate where they
greeted Kambwili.

Many parishioners bitterly complained and lashed out at the
parish secretary, who during announcements at the end of the
service could not introduce Kambwili to the congregation,
accusing her of being PF.

After a brief meeting in the priest’s office, Kambwili’s
entourage went round town centre where people lined up, while
raising the NDC symbol with some shouting “Imbwili batushila
bashi Chilufya naisa, tulemumona Lungu acilamo bukabolala (the
leopard that Sata left for us has come, we will see Lungu; his
thieving is too much)”.

Kambwili, who was also accompanied by his wife, visited three
markets in the mining district where residents did not hide
their admiration for him as his motorcade grew in size as some
taxi drivers joined and honked. Business virtually came to a
standstill in the central business district as Kambwili’s
entourage faced no resistance from PF.

A few youths that were seen in PF regalia helplessly looked on
as they were overwhelmed by the response from the public.

And in an interview, Kambwili said the ruling party had no
future in Zambia’s politics because it lacked disciplined

“You can see that there is total confusion, you cannot depend
on Davies Mwila to be chief executive officer of the party and
expect you to move. You know Mr Sata used to say, ‘if we give
Davies Mwila some leadership, he will destroy the party because
all he knows is lying’ but you have him as the CEO and Lungu as
president; what do you expect for the party? There is no future
for the PF with the likes of Davies Mwila,” said Kambwili in a
brief interview before he went to address the NDC meeting at
the Hindu Hall as a political consultant.

Meanwhile, Musenge yesterday complained that the Ndola police
had, without reason, cancelled his party’s meeting scheduled
for yesterday in the town.

He said police had initially allowed his party to have its
meeting in Ndola last Saturday but later advised that it be
rescheduled for yesterday.

“My brother, I don’t know what to do, I really don’t know
what these people want. They have withdrawn my permit (for
meeting) for Ndola. This is not right, I am spending a lot of
money organising these meetings. What is annoying is that
they moved it from Saturday to Monday, they said Sunday is a
difficult day. Now today Katanga calls me and tells me ‘you
cannot go ahead’,”

Musenge explained.

“She tells me ‘if you want you can appeal or you can talk to
the IG’. Is that what it is supposed to be? Now she is not even
picking my calls. I really don’t know where to bring out this
anger in me.”

Musenge said in Mufulira, there were little skirmishes that did
not affect his meeting, which he said was big.

PF tried to disrupt the meeting, which drew a lot of members
from the ruling party, but some of them were arrested by police

Kainga confirmed that eight PF cadres were detained at Mufulira
Central Police Station after being arrested for attempting to
disrupt am NDC meeting at Hindu Hall.


“Yes, they are our members. Eight of them are detained. We are
going again to the police to see our members who are in
custody. Those are our members that went to Mufulira,” Kainga

He further justified the conduct of PF cadres who caused
confusion against NDC members on the Copperbelt.

“As long as Chishimba Kambwili continues to attend NDC
meetings, our cadres won’t let him be. He can’t continue to
claim that he is PF yet attending opposition NDC meetings. So
our cadres are not happy and will continue to take him on,”

Kainga said.

“Kambwili is causing confusion on the Copperbelt in our
structures. He is in Parliament today on PF and we can’t allow
this to continue. He should come out in the open and resign or
join NDC. But as long as he still claims to be PF but attending
NDC meetings, our cadres won’t allow this.”

He said the PF had no problem with Mwenya Musenge, who had
formed his political party and said his party’s cadres would
not allow any NDC meetings to be addressed by Kambwili.

“Musenge formed his party and we are happy with that because
political parties need to coexist. So if he [Kambwili] comes
out in the open, we will not have a problem with him. Our
cadres will not allow him to do what he is doing now. That is
what is making our cadres upset,”

said Kainga, but later phoned saying he wanted to withdraw the
statement against Kambwili, claiming that he had spoken to the
Roan member of parliament and resolved the matter.

However, Kambwili denied speaking to Kainga yesterday.

“Just tell him that let him go ahead because only amateurs in
politics resort to physical confrontation. I will not involve
myself in physical confrontation neither will be tell NDC
youths to do that. Us we are going to deal with issues that are
affecting the people,” Kambwili said.

“And tell Kainga to say that he is very childish following
what they did in Mufulira where the entire PF Copperbelt
executive followed us to where we were having a meeting; they
were the ones who were calling us political nonentities, they
called us political mosquitoes, now why are they following
the political mosquitoes? Can you imagine when we had a
meeting, the entire executive, the MPs came to Mufulira
because they saw that we had a mini-rally. And we want to
tell them that ukucenjela kwankoko pungwa tasakamana (an
eagle is not bothered by a chicken’s tricks).”

He said for him, being expelled from the PF was a blessing in
disguise because the God he worships does not sleep.

“Those people became very selfish, they forgot where they came
from. None of those people even at provincial level can say
they’ve been there for PF; they are just people that joined,
most of them in the last two, three years,” Kambwili said.

“Now you know how God works, you cannot go into somebody’s
house, remove his children and enjoy staying in that house.
[President Edgar] Lungu is a very ungrateful person. After
what we did for him, he thought it was very easy, now we are
going to show him that it is not as easy as he thought. When
we were organising the party, the thought it was him doing

He said time had come for President Lungu to know who were the
real organisers of PF.

“And we shall see when he remains with a skeleton but tell him
that they should not interfere with our permits, they should
not come and cause confusion, being physical because as we are
concerned, NDC handling issues that are affecting the people,”
Kambwili said.

He said he was not ashamed to be associated with the
two-month-old party.

“What should be underlined is that I was expelled and I am in
court. Who knows what the outcome of the court will be? So I
have every right to associate with any political party of my
choice and no one should interfere. Suppose the court rules
that I am expelled, you want me to remain in the bush? I
can’t remain in the bush. This is the time I am sifting to
see which political party I can move to if the worst gores to
the worst. And I think in my view, it is the NDC, that’s why
I am found with the NDC,”

said Kambwili.

“But I am PF found with NDC just like Mutati is MMD but found
with PF.”