Kambwili explains his association with NDC

Chishimba Kambwili

If the court says indeed I am expelled, you want me to remain
in the bush? Roan PF member of parliament asked yesterday in
explaining his association with the National Democratic

And Kambwili says NDC is a baby born with teeth that will teach
PF a lesson.

At a media briefing yesterday, Kambwili explained that he had
chosen to be a political consultant for the NDC because the
ruling party had set an example by having MMD faction president
Felix Mutati as Minister of Finance.

“My association with NDC is on the basis of consultancy and of
course I must make it very clear that as everybody is aware
that I’ve been expelled from the PF, my association with PF is
on the basis of the injunction from the courts of law. So I am
a free Zambian and I have got a right to associate with any
political party. Supposing the worst comes to the worst that
the court says that I am indeed expelled from the PF, you want
me to remain in the bush? Obviously this interim time, I have
to identify with some political party that may accept me should
the worst goes to the worst. And I have decided that I will
offer consultancy and guidance to the National Democratic
Congress. I hope I have made myself very very clear for those
who are saying how come a PF member is addressing NDC meetings.
I can only also ask how come that a president of the MMD is the
Finance Minister of PF go government? What is good for the
goose should be good for the gander,” Kambwili said.

And Kamwbili NDC was a baby born with teeth.

“I want to tell the people of Zambia that NDC is here to stay.
Let’s teach the PF a lesson because when people are given
power, let them not think that power comes from them. Surely
you are given power by the people and then the people complain
‘ba President why are you bringing in new comers and you seem
to respect…’ [and then you respond to say] ‘those who don’t
want, you can leave the party’. People have now decided to
leave the party to join NDC. Why do you want to follow them and
beat them up? It is you who was asking them. We used to see at
the airport ‘those who don’t want should leave’. Now you see
the numbers that have left and they are still leaving. The
person who has caused all this is President Edgar Lungu. The
person who has caused this disturbance on the Copperbelt and in
Zambia, who is promoting NDC is President Edgar Lungu because
he became so arrogant and unreasonable…Just bear the
consequences, NDC, baby born with teeth,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili thank police on the Copperbelt for the professionalism
which they exhibited when senior PF officials who attempted to
disrupt an NDC meeting in Mufulira on Sunday.

“For me and my hosts who are NDC, we want to thank the
professionalism exhibited by the police in Mufulira, that’s the
way it should be. And we want to say shame to the PF. And let
me warn the PF that your behavior is exactly what was exhibited
by the MMD towards the end, and that is what you have done. You
will forever be embarrassed. As for me, that boy [Copperbelt
Minister Bowman Lusambo] is only fit to be a Kaponya at KMB,
because that’s where he belongs, that’s what he knows. Now you
go and stone and break windows at a public institution like the
Hindu hall, instigated by a Minister, booking a bus all the way
from Ndola. Mwebamunyinane mwebena Zambia, anyway, ichibemba
Chitila infula pakuya, epoyonaula ifisabo. Elo kabili
uwawanawo, tabula akabepesho (anyway, in Bemba we say, the
rains cause massive destruction when they are about to end),”
he said.

Kambwili observed that PF officials wanted to cause confusion
at NDC events so that police could stop granting them permits.

“Because what they are trying to do is to ferment confusion so
that the police does not give NDC permits in future. Because
like what has happened today, we were suppose to have a meeting
in Ndola, but we were called early in the morning by the
commissioner that the permit has been withdrawn and that we
should not go ahead with the meeting. We told our people that
we shall abide by the instructions of the commissioner of
police Charity Katanga and of course we sent our people to go
and see her. Later day around mid day she said no, I have
consulted you can go ahead with the meeting when we had already
told the people to disperse because the meeting was supposed to
have started around 13:00hrs. We told the people not to go to
the swimming pool, to the venue of the meeting because we want
to be law abiding. And I am sure that madam Katanga made this
decision because of what happened yesterday in Mufulira but we
were very peaceful that is why we were so shocked that they
could cancel our meeting today when we had exhibited maturity
and restrain from getting involved in violence,” Kambwili said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili insisted that there was corruption in the
procurement of ambulances by the Ministry of Health.

“Why did you leave Toyota Zambia ambulances and go to buy
Mercedes Benz ambulances? We will make sure you pay back what
you have stolen, you will be very shocked. Ask other PS who
have been at health how it gets hot. You think these people who
are stealing with you will be in government for good? And I
want to warn those in government…a person who doesn’t refer to
history is as good as dead. You know what has happened to
people that have plundered before but you continue plundering,
any way we shall see. Go ahead and buy those Mercedes
ambulances but we know that one Mercedes ambulance is 56
thousand pounds which works out to be about $62 thousand
dollars. So you are no special provisions, this is exactly what
we were saying on the fire engines. An ambulance is an
ambulance, so stop semantics, bakabolala imwe, bapompwe,
bamwibila insala, muleke ukwibila abena Zambia, mwachilamo (You
thieves! Stop stealing from Zambians). I thank God that
President Lungu fired me after working for him so diligently,
so that I am not part of the confusion, so that I am not dented
the way you guys have been dented,” said Kambwili.