Hichilema Is Really Gifted With Wisdom



Question: Mr Hakainde Hichilema sir, the PF Secretary General
Davies Mwila is on record saying “HH takatekepo” (HH will never
rule) recently…any comment mr president??

HH: Before anyone can tell me that especially PF supporters,
let them ask those chaps like Bowman Lusambo, Dora Siliya and
other once die hard MMD cadres what they are doing in
government today?? Was it not the same people who were saying,
“Sata takatekepo”?..is it not the same PF they used to insult
that they are benefiting from today? Davies Mwila is not God,
it is the money that they have obtained through corruption that
is making them talk like that, those PF boys and girls cannot
survive on their own without taxpayers money.

Those mansions they have dubiously built in Dubai will be taken
away from them once
they are out of power. In economics we say, “Properties or
money obtained by dishonest means slowly gravitates to the true
owners” and the true owners are hard workers. So make no
mistake about it, UPND is forming government soon. People like
Davies Mwila should not challenge God.