HH LIED UNDER OATH in the presidential declaration of assets … he is guilty of perjury – Canisius Banda


IF Hakainde Hichilema had assets he did not declare in any
election when he spoke under oath and was expected to, then he,
like all persons guilty of perjury , is liable for prosecution,
says former UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda.

And Dr Banda said that business dealings of Mr Hichilema should
be thoroughly and forensically investigated objectively and
devoid of malice, following revelations that he had money
hidden in offshore accounts.

Dr Banda said that in a manner devoid of malice and ill-will,
Mr Hichilema should be asked questions and be given the space
to convince the nation that he was neither a fraudster nor a

He pointed out that all businesses the world over should be
devoid of criminal activities but that not all wrong was
captured by the world’s judiciary books.

Dr Banda said that businesses the world over were nearly always
in conflict with the societal good because their primary goal
was the pursuit of maximum profits and that on this journey it
was not uncommon for businesses to exploit not only individuals
but governments as well.

He said that businesses were intrinsically self-centered and
that it was the blind pursuit of profit that riddled the
ventures with dubiousness.

Dr Banda reiterated that it was extremely difficult, if not
impossible, for a businessman to hold public office at the same
time as conflict of interest became the nemesis.

“The cases of the prime ministers of Iceland and Pakistan are
illustrative. This is why, when it was discovered that they
were involved in offshore dealings and tax avoidance, they

“So it follows that should Mr Hichilema be found to be culpable
he must not be allowed to hold public office. What Zambians
must note is that tax avoidance is frowned upon the world over.
The EU is presently actively making efforts to combat it.

It is this kind of smartness that exhibited by tax avoiders
that no ethical human being must praise,” he said.

Dr Banda said in an interview that if the UPND leader was found
guilty, he should resign forthwith his party presidency, adding
that the move would set the right precedent as a principle for
all Zambians and leadership the world over.

Meanwhile, Dr Banda said that if Mr Hichilema had assets he did
not declare when he spoke under oath and when he was expected
to, then he, like all persons guilty of such conduct, was
liable for prosecution as lying under oath was illegal and that
it was a crime.

He charged that holding public office required high levels of
probity and that barring this it then became merely a ruse for
personal enhancement to the detriment of communities and the
common good.