HH Risks Portraying Himself As An Agent Of State Capture—- Ndoyi


UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema

Outspoken former ZANASU and now MMD youth Prince Ndoyi
has poured called water on the invitations extended to oppisition
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema by the Chatham Housa who have
invited the opposition leader to give a presentation on the state
of Zambia’s democracy.

Mr Ndoyi described the invitation as “mere political propaganda
meant to portray Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND as having
international acclaim.”

He said Mr Hichilema and his party have no moral right to
lecture anyone on Zambia’s democracy because they do not
believe in democracy as there has never been any semblance of
intra party democracy in their party since he took over as
party president almost 13years ago.

“HH and his UPND reserve no moral right to be given a platform
to lecture anyone on our country’s DEMOCRACY anywhere in the
world because they don’t represent democracy neither as a
virtue, a value nor indeed a belief. What is democracy
according to HH and his UPND? Could it be an endorsement by the
Chatham Think Tank that democracy is only but a theory which
can only be practised by those in government. Shouldn’t it be
seen to be embraced and practised intra the opposition
political parties as well.

“Hakainde Hichilema has held on to UPND leadership for the past
13 years and has attempted the presidency 5 times. It is indeed
shameful for HH and his UPND to even condemn President Lungu on
his ambitions to stand in 2021 because unlike him President
Lungu has only attempted the presidency twice and has won on
both occasion. UPND has no democracy as an institution that’s
why since HH installed himself as president, there has never
been elections,” he said.

Mr Ndoyi challenged the institutions which have invited Mr
Hichilema to explain the basis for his invitation as certain
questions relating to intra party democracy in their party
remain unanswered from the UPND and its leadership.

“We want the people who have invited HH and his UPND to answer
the following questions;
How did HH get to the UPND presidency? How long has HH been the
UPND president? How many times has he stood in general
elections? Who in the UPND leadership was democratically
elected? These are the simple questions HH and his UPND have
failed to attempt to answer back home. How then do they answer
bigger questions on platforms abroad. The only thing HH will go
and do abroad is to speak ill of our country,” he said.

He observed that it was shocking that the UPND leader was going
to recieve an award to recognise him as a freedom fighter when
he has been boycotting African Freedom Day celebrations.

“Isn’t it shocking that HH is on a flight to receive an award
recognising him as a freedom fighter? When in fact Hakainde
Hichilema has been boycotting African Freedom day celebrations
let alone Zambia’s Independence Day Celebrations, since he
became UPND president.

“Hakainde Hichilema is neither a Democrat nor a Freedom
Fightre, he is just but a business man who is in politics to
use political power for his businesses. Therefore, the
institutions his friends are using to give him credence are
historically misinformed and morally bankrupt,” he said.

Ndoyi also noted that the recent discoveries of Oil and Gold
deposits have attracted attention from multi national
corporations who want to usurp power for there benefits.

“We are aware that Zambia is all of a sudden receiving
attention because of the recent discovery of oil and gold
deposits, that is why political power is at the top of the
agenda for Multi National Corporations. We want to urge HH and
his UPND to desist from using foreigners’ platforms to
discredit the nation in their desperation to get their
endorsement or in their hope to get help from the said Multi
National Corporations to win the next elections,” he said.

Ndoyi added that UPND could be soliciting for international
platforms through their president’s “friends” who he said he
should instead use them (friends) to help bring in foriegn

“…Therefore, we warn Mr Hichilema’s foriegn friends that
continuing to do so they risk portraying HH and his UPND as an
agent of state capture or indeed colonialists.

“Instead of using his so called powerful friends abroad for the
benefit of Zambians through investments. Unfortunately, HH is
using them for his personal glory. He should even be
embarrassed to receive such awards because he had never fought
for freedom let alone the fight for democracy and
multi-partism. While others sacrificed and fought for the
reintroduction of multi-partism, the only thing HH is known for
is his alleged business involvement during and after
privatisation,” he said.

On the candidature of the African freedom award, Mr Ndoyi
wondered as to which category Mr Hichilema had been nominated.

“Finally, when an ordinary Zambian hears Freedom Award one
would think HH was a freedom fighter who contributed to our
independence or for the independence of other African States.
Or that perhaps HH maybe fought for the underprivileged on a
grand scale philanthropy basis dealing with Malaria, HIV,
Cholera, poverty, hunger eradication, agriculture and food
systems sustainability, good education access for all
especially girls, healthcare for all, gender disparities etc
but instead he shuns every opportunity to be helpful. Like
recently were HH and his UPND boycotted the referendum, an
opportunity for Zambians to enhance their social and economic
rights,” he wondered.