Money Hungry Bishops Finally Convince Kambwili To Stop Revealing Corruption Cases Against PF Officials


Roan Member of Parliament Chishima Kambwili yesterday signed an
agreement in which he agreed to stop attacking President Lungu
and PF officials over corruption allegations. The deal which
was chaired by Bishop Joshua Banda, was signed yesterday in
Lusaka in full view of religious Minister Godfridah Sumaili,
Rev Pukuta Mwanza, BISHOP Peter Ndhlovu of BIGOCA, Amos Chanda
and Kaiza Zulu. The deal involves Chishimba kambwili
reconciling publicly with President Lungu and possibly attend
National Day of prayers to held tomorrow (18th October 2017).
Kambwili will also have to start supporting and defending
President Lungu as well as embark on radio programmes and
issuing pro Lungu/PF statements as a move of damage control
following the massive corruption revelations he brought out
against Lungu and PF.

The clergymen also told Kambwili not to reveal any corruption
allegations against Amos Chanda or any other PF officials as
that was destroying the image of President Lungu which has the
potential to disadvantage him in the 2021 Elections.

In return, Bishop Joshua Banda and Rev Pukuta Mwanza promised
to support Kambwili’s presidential ambitions but urged him to
accept the offer as Lungu’s running mate in 2021 so that he can
take over power in 2026 should Lungu win the 2021 elections.
Amos Chanda assured the Roan PF Member of Parliament that all
his contracts and tenders in government that were cancelled
when he differed with President Lungu will be given back to him
effective 1st November 2017. Kaiza Zulu assured Kambwili that
the PF would now rescind its decision to expels him from the
party if he follows the terms and conditions of the agreement

Mr Kambwili was also assured that Copperbelt Minister Bowman
Lusabo and Jean Kapata were also ready to publicly apologize to
him for beating him in public.

Mr Kambwili also accused the public media including the Daily
Nations of launching unwarranted attacks against his
personality. But he was assured that all that will be a thing
of the past once he accepts to work together with President

But some areas remained unresolved; these include Kambwili
being re-appointed Information Minister, or forcing Madam
Inonge Wina to resign so that Kambwili can take over as interim
vice president before 2021.

On his side, Kambwili also resisted to delete his numerous
offensive Facebook posts against President Lungu and PF
claiming he will lose popularity among Zambians who will start
seeing him as a very unprincipled politician. Mr Kambwili
however, warned that if President Lungu does not meet the
agreed conditions by continuing to side him, he will resume his
attacks on him and all influencial PF officials so that all
Zambians can know the true colours of their leaders.

“Am also committed to the day of National Prayer, Fasting and
Reconciliation”, he said.

More details later……………………………….