Canisius Banda “the Pilgrim” counsels Lucky Mulusa


He is free to giving his own opinion over whatever is happening
in Government.What is surprising about him is the Fact that
he’s Part of Government and responsible over Special Projects
at State House.

What does this behavior from Hon Lucky Mulusa tell the
President ECL?

1)- He has wrong People in His Government who seem to be with
him when they are not.

2)- The President should Never defend any Minister for his own
Misdeeds because the same Ministers will never do the same for
the President.

3)- If a Minister can fail to speak for the People of Zambia in
Cabinet meetings,then he’s not a good Citizen.He should have
called the Fire Engines Wheelbarrows while in that Cabinet
meeting and not failing to speak in the meeting then you go and
speak on Public Media.

4)- Is Honourable Lucky Mulusa clean from Corruption if the
President was to Publicize a List of those Corrupt Ministers
serving under his Government?

However,this is for the President to handle.
Lucky Mulusa was appointed by the President who Chairs Cabinet

Lucky Mulusa can easily get to the President and say all that
he feels could be said in the interest of the People of Zambia.

His failure to do so makes him more of an Enemy to the
President and the Republic of Zambia than what he thinks.

The President need to have People that will add Value to His
Presidency and not the ones that keep quiet when Decisions are
made and then later speak against theirownGovernment and the

It seems like Corrupt ministers want to clean their dirty by
putting the blame on the President.

We pray that President ECL critically analyze his Ministers for
Him to bring about Development to this Country.

Aluta Continua!