All is set for an ultra-ultra-modern Chibolya township market construction in Kankoyo


Minister of Transport and Communications Hon. Brian Mushimba
makes the first call to launch the second phase of the
Universal Access Programme, paving the way for every citizen
in the country to have access to a mobile phone signal.

All is set for the three hundred thousand kwacha ultra-modern
Chibolya township market construction in Kankoyo constituency
of Mufulira District in Copperbelt province.

Kankoyo Member of Parliament, Brian Mushimba who confirmed the
development today said his constituency had received a total of
K 700,000 Constituency Development Fund (CDF), of which
K350,000 would be used to construct a modern market in Chibolya

Mr. Mushimba , who is also Transport and Communications
Minister, said Chibolya township has had no market for a long
time , a situation he said had forced traders to sell on the

He said apart from the K700,000 CDF which had already been
received at the constituency, another K 700,000 would be

The parliamentarian said the funds would be spent on
infrastructure development in his constituency.

“ Government had earmarked to construct a clinic in Kankoyo
central, a youth recreation center in Butondo Township where
youths would be empowered with different life which they could
use to earn a living adding that all these projects would be
done using CDF, “ he said.

The Member of Parliament said all these projects had already
been approved by the Ministry of Local Government and would
commence soon.

In another development, Mr. Mushimba said 25 kilometers of
township roads would be worked on in Kankoyo constituency as
part of the C400.

He added that the roads works were expected to commerce early
next year as the contractor was currently working on township
roads in Chingola District.

Mr. Mushimba pledged to buy three welding machines which would
be given to the youths of Kankoyo central, Chibolya, and
Butondo Townships to enable them earn a living.

The parliamentarian said the youths would use the welding
machines to make doors, door frames, and window frames, among
others accessories adding that he would find a market for their
products as a way of empowering them.