ACC must tell us if Kambwili has been cleared or not – PF


PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila says a serving
Cabinet minister cannot be investigated for possible corruption
by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).


And the PF says it is comfortable with the current public order
Act because the law is “okay”.


Mwila, who featured on ZNBC TV’s Sunday Interview, said while
the ruling PF had confidence in the ACC, it ought to enhance
its investigations.


“We have confidence in them (ACC) and they are human beings;
what we are saying is that if they start an investigation,
they have to finish it and inform the people. They should not
put people in suspense because as citizens, we want to know;
‘has Honourable Kambwili been cleared or not?’ The
[dismissal] letter [to Kambwili] didn’t specify but of
course, the President just dropped him and the investigation
started. Of course, when you are a Cabinet minister, when you
are dropped… because you can’t be investigated when you are
in office! You can only be investigated when you are out of

Mwila said.


“[What] I’m saying [is that] they (ACC) should not remain mute
– they should inform the nation on the outcome of those
investigations. If Honourable Kambwili has been cleared, let
them state so. If he has not been cleared, what’s the way


On his recent statement that the Roan PF member of parliament
would continue to be beaten if he continued exposing the
corruption of senior government officials, Mwila denied saying


“I never said that! What I said and I want to repeat; if me as
secretary general Davies Mwila, I go in Cairo Road insulting
people, definitely one or two people will beat me – that’s what
I said. I’m not saying you beat Kambwili,” Mwila said.


And Mwila explained that when the PF government called upon
political parties in the country to make their submissions in
2015 in relation to amendments to the public order Act, no
political party did so.


“You’ll recall [that] in 2015, we started the process as PF
government that we amend the public order Act. What happened?
We wrote to UPND and all the political parties to send their
submissions and no one came forward. I went to Parliament and
issued a ministerial statement that no political party came
forward to give their submissions. We are in government and
we are comfortable with the public order Act but we have
other stakeholders we have to accommodate and they didn’t
come forward. So, as far as the party (PF) is concerned, this
law (public order Act), we found it – under MMD it was there,
under PF it’s there. The law is okay,”

he said.


Asked to respond to public perception that the governance
record under President Edgar Lungu’s government was waning,
Mwila said: “I want to say that we are coming from elections
and after that petition by UPND…after they lost that case, I
think our colleagues have not accepted that they were defeated
and that’s the more reason there’s this talk.”