White South Africans were the reason South Africa became a successful – Donald Trump


Donald Trump…..

“White South Africans were the reason South Africa became a
successful, peaceful country. Just look at the rest of Africa
and the abject failure it is as a continent, and then look at
South Africa under Apartheid. South Africa (and Zimbabwe) were
the beacons of light on the darkest continent, showing the way
forward, becoming the financial hubs of Africa.

The Whites built South Africa up; they planned the roads; they
planned the factories; they grew the food to feed the
nation; they developed the mines (didn’t own them though); they
were the industrious people who took a land of wild animals,
bush and low-IQ blacks and made it the country it was at the
time of the handover. Everyone had access to schooling, further
education, health, food and policing.

All the cornerstones of any civilised society were present in
the country. And then the country was handed over to the black
liberation terrorist ANC Party and today we sit with what we
see in front of our eyes – proof that sub-Saharan blacks can’t
make a success of anything, even when given everything on a
silver platter. They can’t create wealth without taking from
someone else. They can’t grow food, proved beyond any doubt
when once successful farms given to them lie barren and dead,
returned to bush.

They can’t even maintain the education system, which is now in
a mess, with the health system not far behind. Crime is out of
control. Infrastructure is collapsing. Farmers are being
murdered without government standing up and denouncing the
slaughter. The blacks can’t make sport teams on merit and so
have to use quota systems to force teams to incorporate them.
They can’t get jobs without Affirmative Action being
implemented. In short, the ANC has killed the goose that laid
the golden eggs. Millions of white South Africans sit outside
the country, looking in, waiting for the pin to finally drop.

The hungry, forgotten blacks look with big eyes at their
leaders who live in obscene luxury whilst they scratch in dirt
for food. This is what Africa is all about. Tribalism and
status, and using their fellow man to get to the top, and once
there, forgetting their fellow man. White South Africans knew
all of this. They knew the black-man’s behavior. They knew what
he was capable of.

The rest of the world tried convincing every one that they knew
better than the people living day-to-day with them, for
hundreds of years. And they continued to agitate for them to
take the country over. Well, reality has certainly met the
rainbow nation dream and it’s not looking too good… My, my,
look how far South Africa has devolved under the black man. I
would love to say that I’m shocked, but I would be lying.
Welcome to reality…”