PF Spent Us$389,000 Chartering A Rwandan Air Carring Cadres To Nigeria To Cheer Lungu Instead Of Cheering The Players


Ministry of Finance and Cabinet office sources have revealed
that dictator Edgar Lungu’s government spent US $389,000
chartering the Rwandan aircraft carrying PF cadres and thugs to
cheer Lungu instead of the players during the Nigerian and
Zambia game.

Even more shocking is that the Zambian players used a
commercial aircraft connecting from one country to another
while the cadres used a chartered aircraft.

Many Zambians were outraged when PF cadres openly displayed
banners of the Zambian dictator inside the Nigerian stadium
during the match as opposed to displaying banners supporting
the national team.

But it has since emerged that the Zambian government actually
used taxpayers money to charter the Rwandan airline and gave
each PF thug some money as allowances for the travels plus
hotel bookings.

And you wonder why the IMF has refused to give the financial
bailout to the reckless Zambian government when they can
lavishly spent such amounts for the PF thugs just to go and
cheer the dictator instead of the players.

We challenge the PF leadership to deny that they spent such
colossal amounts on the cadres while the Zambian players have
not even been paid their allowances for the match in Nigeria.