HH doubts Felix Mutati’s K71.6 billion budget


Zambian business mogul Hakainde Hichilema says there is nothing
to analyze in the 2018 National Budget estimated at K71.6
billion as Finance Minister Felix Chipota Mutati’s briefcase is

Mr. Hichilema who is United Party for National
Development(UPND) president says his party will reverse the
sale of companies sold in  bad  faith.

Briefing the Press, Hichilema said Mutati’s 2018 budget cannot
improve the livelihood of Zambians.

Hichilema politically branded as HH regretted that the
 Zambian  economy had been declining since the PF
took over office from Rupiah Bwezani Banda’s Movement for
Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Government in 2011.

According the UPND strongman, the Zambia  economic growth
rate was at seven (7%) percent in 2011, when then PF leader
Michael Chilufya Sata took  office, but regretted that six
years down the line, under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the
economic growth rate is at four (4%) percent, a serious
economic meltdown.

Hichilema advised Mutati to stop bragging that the Zambian
Kwacha has gained against major currencies.

The Zambian Kwacha is now trading around K9.61, as the PF found
a dollar selling four Kwacha (K4).

“Mutati is my friend. We used to meet in some office somewhere.
What I can say is that he has sweet talk. He says things he
cannot substantiate or do because he likes sugar coating
statements,” Hichilema teased his erstwhile peer.

“The budget  presented by my good friend Mutati was empty
and there is nothing to analyze in it. The PF found the country
moving at the growth rate of 7 percent but now it is moving at
4 percent. Now, Mutati is bragging that the Kwacha has gained
against major convertibles but it was K4 to one US dollar now
 is trading at K9.61. So what is he talking about,”
Hichilema touted.

And Hichilema has promised to repossess all companies that
 had been wrongly sold by the PF leadership.

” How can they sell Chimbokaila Prison and Natural Resource
Development College (NRDC),” complained Hichilema.