Zambians should utilize their Constitutional freedoms to engage in meaningful debates-Chanda


Sunday Chanda

The Governing Patriotic Front has described President Edgar
Lungu as statesman whose legacy is there for posterity to see
and appreciate.

The PF Media Director Sunday Chanda has also encouraged
Zambians to utilize their Constitutional rights and freedoms by
engaging in meaningful debates aimed at creating a better
Zambia for all as opposed to destructive politicking that do
not espouse the values of the nation

Speaking when he made a surprise contribution on the daily
talkshow, Chat Back, Mr Chanda encouraged positive discourse
among citizens stating.

“It is very encouraging when we have people like you Mr (Isaac)
Mwanza exercising your rights by following laid down procedures
to engage with the Legislative arm of government on matters of
public interest. Even as this debate goes on, our call is that
people put aside any partisan agendas and consider this matter
fully. ” Chanda said

Chat Back today featured Mr Isaac Mwanza, who in his personal
capacity as a citizen petitioned the Speaker of the National
Assembly pursuant of article 160(3) of the standing orders of
the House.

In his petition, Mr Mwanza is seeking the House, through the
Honourable Speaker, to move a motion to amend the Constitution
and set term limits for members of parliament and elected local

When asked how he felt that the Constitution which President
Lungu signed off is now giving ordinary citizens the
opportunity to participate in the Legislative process, the PF
Media Director responded, “You See His Excellency President
Lungu is a true statesman.

He signed a document that only someone who is bold and has a
vision for this country can. Whether you love him or hate him,
you can never take away the fact that this man is a legend.
Posterity will speak well of this man. Had it not been for some
selfish people that sabotaged the referendum process, today
Zambians would have been enjoying more human rights had the
Bill of Rights passed.”

Chat Back is an interactive live talk show that airs every
weekday between 09 and 11 am on Radio Christian Voice.