Lungu Apologise Publicly To HH For Arresting Him When He Did Not Commit Treason – South Africans


By Mmusi Maimane MP – Leader of the Democratic Alliance

Date: 12 October 2017

Release: Immediate

Type: Press Statement

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the decision by the
Zambian government to not renew the emergency measures that
have been enforced across the country over the past 90 days.
This is the first step in the right direction, however, it must
be followed by a clear and concrete plan of action that aims to
restore democracy in Zambia.

President Edgar Lungu should at once commit publically to a
programme of action that works to restore Zambia’s democracy.
This includes restoring the independence of the justice system;
ensuring the media is free from suppression and intimidation;
and ending the oppressive treatment of the opposition in

Furthermore, a public apology must be made to Mr Hakainde
Hichilema, the Leader of the Opposition, who was arrested on
trumped-up treason charges, detained for almost four months in
the most inhumane conditions – only for the charges to be
dropped as baseless.

There is still much more to be done to restore true democracy
to Zambia. Under President Lungu’s presidency, the country
remains politically unstable and volatile.

Part of my work as Leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and
Chairperson of the Southern African Platform for Democratic
Change (SAPDC) is to work constructively with leaders, form
both governing and opposition parties of democratic states in
the SADC region. This includes ensuring that democratic
practices such as human rights, constitutionalism, and the rule
of law are promoted across the continent.

We will continue to work with the United Party for National
Development (UPND), and its Leader, Mr Haikande Hichilema, in
fighting for a stable and functional democracy in Zambia.