I can’t work for Lungu, I don’t recognise him as President – Nevers Mumba

Nevers Mumba

MMD leader Nevers Mumba says reports that he is looking for a
job in the PF government are false, adding that he cannot work
for a President whom he does not recognise as legitimately
elected into office.

And Mumba has appealed to all MMD members who left the former
ruling party to apply for readmission before the next

Mumba said this when he featured on a Pan-African radio
programme today.

“Ba Lungu even if he stays for five years in office, he goes
down in the history as a President who stole an election, and
he will be called a thief for that. If I were his friend I
would tell him ‘regularise your presidency, legitimise your
presidency’. I haven’t been speaking to President Lungu but you
are saying that am looking for a job, which job? How can I look
for a job in a government that is soon to collapse because of
the corruption that its engulfed with? I don’t think it will
last,” Mumba said.

“If President Edgar Lungu says come and take over and work with
me on this issue, the difficult we will have, especially myself
as an individual, is that I do not recognise him as having been
legitimately elected. And so we consider his government as
illegitimate until the petition is head. If it’s not heard,
this dialogue we are talking about should bring us face-to-face
in order to allow him understand how we feel because he has
really disenfranchised himself by not allowing the process of
the court to legitimise him. So basically I will not say lets
work with an illegitimate administration.”

Mumba said President Lungu’s failure to fight corruption would
destroy his legacy.

“If President Lungu doesn’t effectively tackle corruption,
every little effort that he has made will be destroyed. There
is no president that has been close to corruption who has made
it in the following election. president Rupiah Banda was moving
economically, but when the election came, he could not be
re-elected. So even Mr Lungu, he can be protected by Mr
Governor, but I am more useful to President Lungu, I am more of
a friend to President Lungu, I am more of a comrade to Mr Lungu
than the Governor. The Governor is trying to allow Mr Lungu not
to see what the country is saying about him. I am telling him
‘my brother you can change this. The only way to change is for
you to rise up, face the nation’,” Mumba said.

He said PF members were trading on thin ground by acting above
the law.

“This government thinks they are above the law, they can do
what they want without being questioned. I tell you what, they
are trading on dangerous grounds. We have all been in
government, I can tell you the temptation of being arrogant.
The moment you discern from that position, you will regret the
day that you became part of an administration. Right now as we
speak, all the heavyweights of the Patriotic Front have left Mr
Lungu. President Chiluba when he started talking about the
third term, both his vice presidents, all his 21 ministers left
president Chiluba. People don’t want to continue serving in a
certain way,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mumba said that all those who misappropriated MMD
funds would be individually charged soon after the court case
was disposed off.

“I want to clarify to the Zambians that there are no two MMDs.
Once the case is through in the courts, we are going to
securely take over all those facilities and they are going to
have to pay a very high price for the mismanagement of
resources and the vehicles of the Movement for Multi-party
Democracy in the time they have been purporting to be in
leadership. And they are going to be individually charged with
criminal offences after the court case. Fidgeting with the
names of the leadership of the MMD at the Registrar of
Societies, that will be a separate criminal charge,” said

“Let me assure the nation that this party, we are going to
another convention. Shortly after the court case, we are going
to another convention. I want all those who left to apply to be
readmitted to this party.”