Opposition politicians should not tarnish the image of President Lungu-Humphrey Siulapwa


New Generation Party president Humphrey Siulapwa
New Generation
Party president Humphrey SiulapwaNew Generation Party (NGP)
President Humphrey Siulapwa has urged opposition politicians
in Zambia to desist from tarnishing the image of President
Edgar Lungu.

In an interview yesterday, Siluapwa who made reference to the
controversial acquisition of the 42 Fire Tenders by
Government recently said it is wrong for citizens to brand
the President a thief when there is no evidence.

Siulapwa however said criticism in a democratic Governance
system is tolerated but it should be done respectfully where
the Sovereign Head of State is not insulted because doing so
is detrimental to his image.

The New Generation Party (NGP) Leader has since implored
opposition politicians to desist from playing politics of
character assassination and tribalism and focus on meaningful
criticism meant to develop the nation.

“The opposition politicians should desist from tarnishing the
image of President Edgar Lungu” Siulapwa said

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