Political Parties Bill is evil – ZCSD

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Zambia Council for Social Development executive director Lewis
Mwape says the Political Parties Bill is a devil crowned with
angelic appearance.

In a statement today, Mwape, who listed some of the bills
government should have prioritised, observed that stakeholder
consultations were merely legitimizing the evil.

“We are with the view that Government should have prioritized
bills that could fix Governance and development landscape and
in this case we expected, 1. Access to Information Bill, 2.
Budget and Planning Bill and 3. Public Finance Managed Bill
more especially deal with debt Contraction to be approved or
ratified by Parliament. Political party Act would be a Devil
which is being crowned with angelic appearance and our
participation as Stakeholders is merely legitimizing this
evil,” Mwape stated.

He stated that political party funding by the state was not

“The Political Parties seem to be more interested in funding
aspects which is not likely to be adequate as the country’s
economy is not good enough to adequately support Political
entities, mean that the law will be strong and applicable to
disclosure of sources funding which will be a source of
victimizing those who are currently supporting Political
Parties both Ruling and opposition. We urge Political Parties
to open their eyes and see beyond merely receiving free money
from government but also look at how regulation of Political
Parties would promote democracy and good governance or birthing
a new era of Political System that will curtail innovation but
also scares those who contribute to Political Parties,” stated

“Attitude of those who take up leadership as a ruling party is
still not mature as they pursue opponents and their allies with
a strong hand and with intention to wipe out opposition. This
law is therefore expected or likely to be abused and reduce the
vibrancy of Political parties. We encourage Political Parties
to resolve pertinent issues at this stage and advise Ministry
of Justice to be open minded and think of a day when the
current ruling party will be in opposition.”