You Will Die Of Hunger If You Vote For UPND, Gogo Inonge Wina Warns Itezhi-tezhi Residents


ITEZHI-TEZHI residents have been warned that they will continue
to wallow in abject poverty if they continue to vote for UPND
candidates who have openly refused to work with the Patriotic
Front (PF) government.

The warning was issued in Itezhi-Tezhi yesterday by Vice
President Inonge Wina who castigated opposition members of
Parliament for getting salaries without lobbying government on
behalf of their people to bring them development.

The Vice President was speaking at a public meeting in Kanzwa
to drum up support for PF Itezhi-Tezhi council chairperson
aspiring candidate Namakau Kaingu ahead of the council
chairperson by election.

The Vice President announced that her government has plans to
build a modern airport in Itezhi-Tezhi to attract tourists.

She said Itezhi-Tezhi had a potential for tourism growth hence
government’s plans to build a new airport.

Ms Wina said Itezhi-Tezhi would benefit from 94
telecommunication towers procured by government for Central

She said in future government would consider empowering youths
with canoes to venture into aquaculture.

Mrs Wina said her government had a lot of youth and women
empowerment programmes which Itezhi-Tezhi residents were not
benefitting because their MP was not lobbying for them as he
had openly refused to have anything to do with the PF

The Vice President also highlighted the animal-people conflict
faced in the area which had resulted in the death of human

Ms.Wina urged the electorate to vote for Namakau Kaingu who was
one of them and lived among them.

And Justice Minister Given Lubinda informed the Ila-speaking
people of Itezhi-Tezhi that the Armageddon which was promised
by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema before the general came to
pass immediately President Edgar Lungu was sworn in.

He, said Mr Hichilema could never be compared to late Anderson
Mazoka or late Michael Sata because the duo never instigated
Armageddon whenever they lost an election throughout their
political careers.

Meanwhile, Minister in the Office of the Vice President Sylvia
Chalikosa has warned Itezhi-Tezhi residents against
entertaining lies propagated by UPND that PF was not taking
Zambia forward in development.