Note that problems in almost all the things Lungu lists here
were actually caused by him. For example, who increased the
price of Millie meal to K120? Who made the Dollar trade at K14?
The list endless. Some items such as improving international
relation, tourists are laughable. There are bumper harvests in
almost all SADC countries this year.

This is what has been written and posted in Lungu’s name.

Today marks exactly one year since my Vice President, Her Honor
Mrs Inonge Wina and I took oath of Office after the Zambian
people renewed the mandate of the Patriotic Front (PF).

As we commemorate one year of service to the Zambian people, I
wish to thank the Almighty God for the grace and favor He has
continued to show to my administration and Country at large.

Through working together as one people, Zambia has recorded a
number of achievements. Let me mention a few:
1. Reduction of mealie meal prices.
2. Stabilization of the Kwacha against Dollar from K14 to
around K8.9
3. Dropping lending rates from 45% to 27%
4. Reduction of Load shedding hours from 12hrs to 0 hrs
5. Dropping Inflation rate from 21% to 6%
6. Recorded a Bumper harvest being over 3,000,000 metric
7. Improvement in foreign policy.

8. Rise in tourism, leading to increased revenue.
9. Strengthened internal security and peace before, during and
after the 2016 General Elections.
10. Promoted Women and Youth participation in leadership and
key decisions making positions.
11. Reduction of fuel prices.

12. Construction, commissioning and Launching of road projects,
Toll gates, airports, health posts and other
13. Moral and material support to the Under 20 football team
which won the Africa Cup 2017.
The list is endless. What achievement was most significant to
On the last question, there are 2 answers, dictatorship and
amassing of wealth by Lungu.