Our Country Is Being Presided Over By Bosses And Not Leaders & Who Will Give Us The Much Needed Leadership? 


There is something wrong about our nation. And we are were we
are today, because of our tolerance to injustice as Zambians.
We have opted to conceal these problems in our hearts without
taking any actions.

Indispensable,many People ask the difference between a leader
and a boss.The leader leads, and the bosses drives the team in
any direction that satisfies their profile in society.It is
shocking today to learn that our voices as citizens are
supressed by these bosses whilst claiming to be leaders in our
nation.And the worst situation is our failure to curtail these
acts that violets citizens rights.

There is a serious leadership vacuum in our nation and learned
people have tried to play it cool by hiding behind the desk
with a hope that they will not suffer the hell outcomes that
will follow after this leadership vacuum.

Harry S Truman said, Men make history and not the other way
round. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands
still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize
the opportunity to change things for
the better.What history can the current leadership make that is
worthy to praise or appreciate? There is absolute nothing good
that can be appreciated from the current crop of leaders.The
only change personally I have noticed in them, is the rampant
corruption, abuse of public institutions, changing the law to
suit their illegal businesses and abuse of humanity.

There is intimidation being instealed in the people so that
evil grows.Our opposition leaders have a big duty to liberate
this nation. It will require real men to make history like
Mandela did.If our opposition leaders fails to re-visit their
party manifestos and come up with strategic measures to
counter, we shall continue being in the custody of bosses who
don’t care about other people’s views.

Change,History,Courage in leadership is about taking
responsibility, not making excuses.We have men of excuses who
don’t care about majority citizens. They will refuse any
failure that comes on their way.They give silly excuses to
justify their incompetence and arrogance.
Their decisions are ever mandatory. Their say is final.

This is how our nation has been reduced to and we are
comfortably happy about it because we have decided to remain
mute like crocodiles in the Zambezi river.Every single day
oppressors are advancing their schems to remain in charge even
if majority rejects them.Why is this so? opposition leaders
have failed us.

Ray Kroc said,
Responsibility , Excuses and the quality of a leader is
reflected in the
standards they set for themselves.My biggest appeal to all
opposition leaders in Zambia is that set standards that will
convince us the people on the ground that you really mean
business in this struggle. We can struggle as commoners but if
you don’t position yourselves properly our fishing will be in

John Quincy Adams said, if your actions inspire others to dream
more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
And E. Joseph Cossman said Leaders, Inspire,Dream
Obstacles are things a person sees when he
takes his eyes off his goal . Being a leader is complex. You
have to think aheard and you must plan effectively for the
goals you intend to achieve. You will find obstacles, but you
must set high standards to counter these obstacles.

To you our opposition leaders in Zambia, I want to challenge
you all to sit down and check your political parties behaviour
and performances then ask yourselves questions if indeed you
are ready to rescue oppressed citizens. Zambians long for
leadership that will answer their cries and without you our
opposition leaders re-branding your party ideologies, to
counter injustice then know that dictators shall continue
prevailing.Stop letting us down, we have vested much trust in
some of you who sounds genuine and we as common Zambians do our
best every single day yet, you continue allowing authoritarians
triumphing as they seem to be more determined in shutting down
the future of our nation with impunity.

Leadership is not about a title or a
designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.
Impact involves getting
results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for
your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and citizens.

Most of our political leaders in Zambia aren’t inspiring at all
.Their lives are in inverted comas.Youths cannot learn anything
tangible from the majority old folks holding on to different
positions both in opposition and government. For one to be a
good leader, one should surround oneself with genuine
characters and not puppets and corn mens.A leader is one who
knows the way, goes
the way, and shows the way to the people. You cannot claim to
be a leader if you cannot lead the way for your followers.

Chris Hadfield said, ultimately, leadership is not about
glorious crowning acts.Suprisingly today we have leaders who
are like small gods.When you hear how some gullible political
amartures hero worships them, you can think Jesus Christ has
descended from heavens . However, good leadership is about
keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their
best to achieve it,especially when the stakes are high and the
consequences really
matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others’ success,
and then standing back
and letting them shine.Leadership is practiced not so much in
words as in attitude and in actions.

My fellow comrades check your leaders if they are worthy to be
called leaders. Zambia needs leadership.For me, leaders who
cannot show integrity in their daily delibaretions, they are
not different from a criminal who kills innocent souls because
no criminal will show integrity during their criminal