Government to decongest prisons


demonstrating how there sleep in a room meant for 40 people but
it has over 140

Government says it is not its desire to have many people
incarcerated in correctional facilities largely because of
delays in the criminal justice system.

Minister of Justice, Given Lubinda said Government will
consider the possibility of reducing custodial sentences
through making provision for community sentences for those
convicted petty crimes.Mr. Lubinda said this could assist in
decongesting the country’s correctional facilities.

He said this in Lusaka during the official launch of a 2 days
symposium on legal and administrative reforms to address
congestion in correctional facilities.

European Union Head of Delegation, Alessandro Mariani said
the EU is in the process of developing a vocational education
programme for inmates to assist them restart a new life after
their release.

Meanwhile, German Ambassador to Zambia, Achim Burkart said
his Government stands ready to support the country implement
the legal and administrative reforms.The German Government
also donated a minibus to assist in the transportation of
juveniles between correctional facilities and approved
reformatory schools.

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