Exposing Zambia’s Fake Heroes by Chitimukulu (Part1)


Paramount Chief Chitimukulu SOSALA of the Bemba-speaking people
Chief Chitimukulu SOSALA of the Bemba-speaking people

By Henry Kanyanta Sosala


There was an ideological tug of war to dominate their
influences over the emerging African states between the western
countries and the Communist states i.e. The Union of Sovereign
Socialist Republics (USSR) or popularly known as Russia. In
fact Africa has had five great Marxists: Sekou Toure of Guinea,
Samora Machel of Mozambique, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, M. Babu
of Tanzania and a lawyer Henry Chilufya Chanda of Zambia.
Professor P. B. Harris in his book, Studies in African Politics

‘’President Sekou Toure the most radical Marxist in West
Africa rejected the referendum when President Charles de
Gaulle of France came to power. The new French President
decided that since the Guineans rejected the referendum, then
they chose disengagement and should therefore have it. And
within days, French civil servants withdrew and out of 4,000
all but 15 had gone in three weeks. Cash registers were
ripped out, the weapons of the police were withdrawn and even
the library at the Ministry of Justice was removed. The
Governor was ordered to remove the furniture from Government
House and strip all fittings movable and immovable and ship
them back to France. Fruit trees were cut, walls were torn
down, gardens decimated, telephone wires were cut and a ship
bringing 5,000 tons of rice was re-routed.’’

And to President Sekou Toure this was a chance to turn openly
to the Communists and it was not long that the French President
realized his terrible political blunder. And here is what
Professor Harris wrote:

‘’As far as Guinea was concerned this was an unprofitable
exercise. De Gaulle agreed to resume technical and financial
aid to Guinea complete with grants-in-aid.’’

The Consequences After the End of the Cold war.

The fall of the USSR has had detrimental consequences on
Africa. The end of the cold war has strengthened western
nations’ dominance in Africa. The best example is Zimbabwe and
how the greatest true son of Africa and the barometer of the
African consciousness, President Robert Mugabe and the great
people of Zimbabwe have been subjected to all kinds of abuses
by the capitalist-exploiters and their African parasites and
puppets. Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade bemoaned the fact
that Africa had not done enough to assist Zimbabwe in its hour
of need.

’’African leaders left President Mugabe alone to resolve the
imbalance of land ownership and we should have been
collectively more involved.’’ (New African magazine winter

It is a matter of record that in a land of more than 11 million
people the whites who made up less than 2 per cent of the
population, controlled more than 60 per cent of the arable
land. Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe is an
Ndebele word for ‘’slaughter’’ and it refers to the savagery of
the white settlers who crushed the attempt by the indigenes to
fight back and leading king Lobengula to swallow poison rather
than be captured.

And what had really happened to king Lobengula? Historian Cyril
Dunn in his book, Central African Witness wrote that Cecil John
Rhodes’ agents signed the Rudd concession with King Lobengula.
The Rudd Concession was signed in 1888 by King Lobengula of the
Matabele, under various and considerable pressures and with the
encouragement of British missionary advice. He believed that he
was selling to an organization of white men no more than the
right to dig holes in the ground for gold. In return for which
he got sterling 100 pounds, one thousand Martini-Henry rifles
and the promise, never discharged, of a steamer for royal
jaunts on the Zambezi.

Who was John Cecil Rhodes? Bertrand Russell, a British
philosopher, mathematician and historian who described Rhodes
as ‘’a bad man in Africa’’ wrote in Freedom and Organization:

“Cecil Rhocldes created a vast system of political corruption
both in England and in South Africa. The British South
African Company obtained a Charter from the British
government which was secured by means of support in high
quarters and among them was the Duke of Fife (King Edward
VII’s son-in-law) and through him the British Royal Family
became implicated in Rhodes’ doings.”

We find the same slippery tricks by Her Majesty’s Government
with the Rudd Concession as Mr. Bertrand Russell wrote:

‘’Meanwhile Lobengula discovered that the document to which he
had set his mark was more far-reaching in its effects than he
had supposed. He dictated a letter to Queen Victoria, saying
among other things:

’A group of white men came to see me and the leader called
himself Rudd. They asked me for a place to dig gold and said
they would give me something in exchange. I told them to
bring what they would give and a document was written and
given to me for signature. I asked what it contained and was
told in it were my words and the words of those men. Although
three months later, I heard from other sources that I had
given by document the right to all the minerals of my
country. I called a meeting of my indunas and also of the
white men and demanded a copy of the document. It was proved
to me that I had signed away the mineral rights of my whole
country to Rudd and his friends. I have since had a meeting
of my indunas and they will not recognize the paper, as it
contains neither my words nor the words of those who got
it….I write to you that you may know the truth about

‘’A few months later, King Lobengula sent another letter, in
which he complained that ‘the white people are troubling me
much about gold. If the Queen hears that I have given away the
whole country, it is not so.’ The Queen, through her colonial
secretary, replied that it was impossible for him to exclude
white men, and that, having made inquiries as to the persons
concerned, she was satisfied that they ‘may be trusted to carry
out the working for gold in the king’s country without
molesting his people, or in any way interfering with their
kraals, gardens or cattle’,’’
In 1949, Roy Welensky became Member of Legislative Council or
Parliament for Broken Hill (now Kabwe), and he became the
political Supremo in the North. He was later knighted and
became the Prime Minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and
Nyasaland (i.e., Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

He told Parliament ‘’Now I ask the House in all seriousness ___
was it possible, __ does the House believe that it was possible
for an African king, sixty years ago to have understood the
delicate differences when he was negotiating with a Company,
and when he was negotiating with a King__ because if the House
is prepared to believe that then I think the House will believe

In support of his argument, he cited a judgement given by Lord
Summer in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on the
question of land rights in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe):

‘’Their Lordships cannot accept this argument, as well might
it be said that a savage who sold ten bullocks, being the
highest number up to which he knew how to count, had thereby
sold his whole herd, numbering, in fact many hundreds…’’

In The Northward Trek, Stanley Portal Hyatt summed up king
Lobengula’s disaster and pointed out that he was betrayed by
the British:

‘’Lobengula was never sufficiently civilized to break his
word. He was a native gentleman and because he tried to live
up to the faith that was in him, trusting white men who
appeared to be gentle too, his career ended in disaster both
to himself and to his tribe. And even if Lobengula was ‘an
unmitigated savage,’ he was under the protection of the
United Kingdom Government when these events occurred.’’

The capitalist-exploiters have declared total war on President
Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwean people. They have mounted a
special radio programme to denounce Zimbabwean leadership on
Studio 7 of the Voice of America. This is because the
Zimbabwean issue has affected the superior race, otherwise if
this was a matter of principle they could have done the same
thing when the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin confiscated the
properties and expelled Indians from that country.

It was reported in New African magazine that Britain’s chief of
staff, General Charles Guthrie told Cole Moreton in an

‘’how Britain’s Prime minister, Tony Blair came close to
invading Zimbabwe in a bid to restore white privilege.’’

It was also reported in the same issue:

‘’As part of the regime change in Zimbabwe, the American
embassy in Harare has been deliberately engineering the
mushrooming of NGOs and CSOS which are hostile to the
government, by offering to finance them, according to a
document unearthed from the archives.’’

President Mugabe has declared:

‘’Political power alone is meaningless unless people have
land. The ill-fated sanctions against the innocent people of
Zimbabwe can never subdue our resilience and inner propulsion
to succeed.’’

And hence a new concept in the ideological armoury of
imperialism known as ‘’statecraft’’ has been created, which is
the art of aggressively wielding state power in the interests
of the local elites and imperialism.

‘’Statecraft’’ is a concept and a practice that consciously
aims to demobilize the people as a motive force for change and
treats them as objects. ‘’Statecraft’’ is a ‘’craft’’ precisely
because it is both an art and a set of particular outcomes in
which control over state power is cleverly taken away from both
and above the heads of the poor to attain class objectives and
domestic compradorial and parasitic elites under the tutelage,
protection and for the ultimate benefit of the

We have been taught never to see beyond the white

The Brenthurst foundation is the brain-child of the powerful
and multi-billionaire Oppenheimer family and is the founder of
the Anglo American group of companies which serves foreign
business interests in various African countries. The company is
based in South Africa and that is where all the regime changes
in Africa originate and South Africa has contributed so greatly
to the mercenaries that fought in Nigeria during the Biafra
session; in Congo; in Angola etc. And it was through South
African contacts that the Chiluba regime came to power. It is
important at this juncture to let you know the events that
contributed to the regime change in Zambia. According to the
CIA-trained career intelligence officer, Dr. Kamoyo Mwale, the
coordinated intelligence exchanges between Zambia and South
Africa at that time, the regime change in Zambia was initiated
by the western nations who didn’t want the future ANC
government in South Africa to be influenced by UNIP and Dr.
Kaunda. Dr. Chiluba and his colleagues were given US$ 600
million, which was deposited at some embassy in Pretoria, from
where they drew their campaign funds.(Sunday Post 26th March
2006). In this case the MMD was obligated to its source of
existence and power. The English say, ‘’who pays the piper
calls for the tune.’’

And in this respect, Ronald Sinyangwe will never forget how
Professor Akuffo described the deception beneath the colonial
education system:

‘’When a fool becomes wise, then the game is over
since there is no one to play the game of a

We have been taught never to see beyond the white man. This
hypnotizing mentality has subverted the African personality
like no other ideology since you can never outperform the
self-portrait you have of yourself.

In fact we were done for, when Chiluba and his visionless and
corrupt technocrats surrendered Zambia’s sovereignty to the
capitalist-exploiters. The University of Zambia Development
Studies lecturer, Frederick Mutesa wrote:

‘’The cold war African leaders that succeeded the founding
fathers surrendered sovereignty in national policy-making to
the Bretton Woods Institutions…..whereas the Nyereres,
Kaundas and the Machels resisted the repulsive encroachment
of foreign forces on the nations’ sovereignty, the Chilubas
that replaced them chose to kiss neo-liberal policies in the
morning, afternoon and at night.’’ (The Post 24th April