Zambian Dictator Edgar Lungu has declared that HH will not be
released on Monday, “whatever the speculation”. Speaking
when he met Paramount Chief Chitimukulu (Mwinelubemba) of the
Bemba speaking people in Kasama yesterday, the dictator
dispelled rumours that the state was planning to use the DPP to
release HH on Monday.

He said that as far as he was concerned, HH was still a
stubborn man who needed to be dealt with thoroughly. “I am not
yet done with him, I will not listen to anyone including those
from outside until he is completely finished. The dictator also
told Chitimukulu that HH will not stand in 2021 as the
constitution does not allow a person with a criminal record to
be a presidential candidate. “We will make sure our courts
convicts him then pardon him as I have done to other criminals.
This will make him not to stand as our constitution does not
allow a criminal to stand (as president).

We have placed some mechanisms to prevent enemy journalists
from covering his prosecution in court. We have put a
formidable prosecution team to deal with him. I sincerely thank
you (Chief Chitimukulu) for supporting us on this course,
please lets work together”, he said. “You requested that I
release savior (Chishimba from police cells) and I did that
because of the respect I have for this office.Otherwise he
could have been taken to Chimbokaila like Mwaliteta. I salute
you, your royal highness and indeed the Bemba people for smooth
transition, such orderliness is what our country needs.
Congratulations! being a leader you must be respectful)” said
the dictator.

Meanwhile, Chitimukulu praised Lungu for “persecuting” HH
saying he deserved the punishment as he was too disrespectful
to office the presidency. “I am equally against his release. He
was too disrespectful to you. Let him not even stand in 2021”,
said the paramount chief. “Even these other expelled PF members
(Kambwili & Musenge) should be disciplined if they continue
being disrespectful to you. You will have my support and the
support of my people.You have done a lot to Bembas than the
late Micheal Sata who was just persecuting me and President
Rupiah (Banda)”.