Here are Lungu’s 25 evil plans against HH, UPND

(December 20, 2015 09:32)

Well, I am one of the PF senior Intelligence members based in
Lusaka and I happen to be close to state House and President
Edgar Lungu.
I have been forced to disclose President Lungu’s evil plans
against HH and UPND Members because they involve gross abuse of
Human Rights that this country has never witnessed since
independence. It should be known to all, that currently, the
worst desperate and extremely dangerous politicians in Zambia
(1) Edgar Lungu
(2) Chishimba Kambwili
(3) Kharzia Zulu
(4) Sunday Chanda
(5) Mumbi Phiri
(6) Father Frank Bwalya
(7) Chilufya Tayali
(8) Sakwiba Sikota
(9) Henry Banda
(10) Including few church leaders and other corrupt NGOs
because of massive corruption they have presided over since
Edgar Lungu was elected on 20th January 2015.

Following the Intelligence Report that he will lose the 2016
General Elections to HH, President Lungu and his desperate
members have planned the following evil schemes against HH and
Members of his party:

(1). Edgar Lungu, some top police officers and the intelligence
wings agreed to encourage and sponsor violence against the UPND
members in order to intimidate and stop them from campaigning
ahead of the August 11 2016 general elections.
* It was agreed that no PF violent carder who assaults the
opposition members will be arrested or condemned.
* It was further resolved the police will be ignoring and
arresting assaulted UPND members when they try to report their
cases to the police.
* The PF top leadership has sanctioned the disruptions of many
UPND meetings and beat up members of the opposition.
* Extremely violent and merciless PF carders will be deployed
in Bus and Railway Stations, Town Centers and markets to ensure
that any Zambian putting on UPND regalia is beaten and ordered
to wear PF chitenge material.

(2). UPND President HH and his Vice GBM will be arrested at
some point for made up charges of violence so as to cripple the
opposition campaigns.
* The plan is aimed at having UPND concentrate with court cases
so as to give chance to PF to dominate the campaigns.
* This PF barbaric plan will see a lot both senior and junior
UPND Members brutally beaten by the police and put in custody
for many days without trail as they will also be denied police
bonds or bail.
* Meanwhile the bribed civil society organizations, NGOs and
compromised church leaders including senior members of the PF
like Chishimba Kambwili, Father Bwalya, Sunday Chanda and Mumbi
Phiri will always be on ZNBC TV/Radio and on Public Newspapers
defending the violent PF carders by denying their involvement
in violence and put blame on the UPND members who will be
* State House has resolved to transfer, suspend or fire any
police officer who would be found to be against the violent PF
carders in anyway.

(3). All HH/UPND’s Bill Boards, Posters and Chitenge Material
will have to be defaced, pulled down and destroyed by the
police and PF carders with impunity.

(4). All Police Officers seen to be sympathetic to the
opposition will be fired and all those pro PF to be elevated in
order to help cripple opposition campaigns.

(5). The wicked but influential church leaders would be given
colossal sums of money in bribes so that they don’t condemn the
violent acts by the PF, but should be sharp in condemning the
UPND members whenever they fight back in defense.

(6). The perceived ‘money hungry’ clergy would be given
positions in fostering the construction of President Lungu’s
Political Tabernacle so as to maintain their support for the PF
and Edgar Lungu.
* At the same time, members of the clergy who would be against
PF in any way would be labeled as politicians hiding in the
name of the church.


*HH and his UPND members will be completely blacked out from
the public media and will only be heard when condemning them
for smeared violence acts and when taking them to court for
faked assault cases.
* The public and other PF allied media will be full of fake
UPND defectors to the PF as the country heads towards the
general elections.
* The Patriotic Front journalists disguised as ZNBC reporters
like Bangwe Navile and others will be heavily funded to help
carry out the propaganda reporting on construction of roads,
schools, hospitals and other projects that were not started by
President Lungu.

(8). ZNBC TV Sunday Interviews will be dominated by desperate
top PF members like Chishimba Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, Sunday
Chanda, Father Bwalya and others NGO supporting the ruling

(9). Normal ZNBC Programming will be suspended to allow PF
propaganda campaigns.
* ZNBC local languages section will be full of PF campaigns.

(10). Bribed Political Analysts from both questionable and well
respected institutions will be funded to analyze the political
situation in favour of PF and Edgar Lungu.
* The money hungry members of the public like members of the
Zambia Reports and the Zambian Voice Executive Director
Chilufya Tayali have also been heavily funded to propel
propaganda against HH and UPND.

(11) It was agreed that HH and UPND senior members like GBM,
Maureen Mwanawasa and Mutale Nalumango, should be demonized on
Public Media and the PF sponsored online media like Zambian
Reports and Tumfweko without giving them space in the same
media to defend themselves.

(12). Very expensive image builders and election rigging
experts from Israel and Zimbabwe respectively to be hired on
public funds to help PF win elections.

(13). The PF has set aside colossal sums of money to bribe
“False Prophets” in order for them to prophesize fake victory
for the PF so that electorates supporting HH will be
discouraged from going to vote since their candidate will be
said to be on the losing side.
* Such prophesies will be many in 2016 and will involve both
local and international false prophets who will be attracted by
huge borrowed sums of money from PF.

(14). Community Radio Stations and other Private Media will
also not be spared by the PF’s tempting financial advance to
air propaganda messages against the UPND and HH.
* To this effect, the PF has set aside huge amount of money to
buy community radio airtime in advance and feature PF members
and other allied members that will be speaking ill of HH and

(15). Harassing and beating up of UPND and other opposition
members who will be having live programmes on the radio will be
stepped up in 2016.
* Express instructions have been given to the PF Violent Wing
to beat up journalists who will be resisting complying with the
wishes of the PF as a party and have been assured immunity from

(16). The Post Newspaper is seen by the PF as the second
hindrance to President Lungu’s re-election in 2016 after
* ZRA has been fully funded to find ways and means of closing
down the paper or cripple it at all costs.
* Other court cases against members of the newspaper and those
supporting them will be stepped up.
* If all this fails, then State House will have no option but
to trick Mmembe and Kabimba into forming a collision which will
guarantee the two to have unlimited access to State Resources
and provide up to 100 names of their supporters to be appointed
to various positions in government should Lungu win.
* This is just a trick to finish up the two, as it was done to
Dr Guy Scott in January 2015.

* The PF has organized Tanzanians in Muchinga and Northern
Provinces as well as Malawians in Eastern Province to acquire
NRCs and register as voters in readiness for 2016
* Apart from this criminal and desperate act, the PF has
connived with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and
organized under age children some as young as 15 to acquire NRC
and register as voters in Northern, Muchinga and Luapula
Provinces and will continue to do so until the last date of
voter registration in civic centers.

(18). VOTING DAY (11th August 2016):
* According to a classified PF and ECZ plan, UPND perceived
strongholds like Southern, Western and North Western Provinces
including Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces will have 30% of
registered voters missing on the Voters’ Register as advised by
Robert Mugabe.
* During the day of voting (11th August 2016), a lot of voters
across the country will be ferried on PF organized transport
and each will be bribed K100.
* The PF has vowed to employ maximum electoral malpractice in a
bid to be re-elected.
* Therefore, 2016 will experience the worst electoral
malpractice by the ruling party since independence as many
voters will be bribed with money and food stuffs.

(19). It was resolved that HH and his members should be banned
from conducting their campaigns freely while allowing the
entire PF leadership to campaign freely.
* This is aimed at reducing the rapidly increasing popularity
of HH and UPND across the country.

(20). The PF has released huge sums of money to the First Lady
Esther Lungu to extensively campaign for the PF and her husband
across the country.
* Tasila Lungu has also been allocated with some money to
intensify her campaigns.
* Both Esther Lungu and her step daughter will be conducting
their campaigns through fake charity organizations where they
will be distributing food, wheelchair, shoes, clothes and other
basic items and use the same meeting to campaign for the PF and
President Lungu.

(21). In an event that a re-run occurs, the PF has planned to
use maximum police brutality and PF carders’ violence against
UPND supporters just as what Robert Mugabe did some 10years
* The PF is further planning to bring some small political
parties to its side so that it can be supported during the


*After realizing that HH is gaining ground in areas
traditionally considered Bemba Land (Former PF Strong Hold),
the PF has been sent in panic mood, and since resolved to
promote tribal tag against HH and UPND using State media and
online PF/Rupiah Banda’s Zambia Reports and Tumfweko.
* Individuals that have been assigned to carry out this
propaganda task of dividing Zambia across tribal lines include
President Lungu himself, Father Frank Bwalya, Chilufya Tayali,
Chishimba Kambwili, Sunday Chanda, Mumbi Phiri , Dora Silya,
Brian Hapunda and Sakwiba Sikota including members of the
Zambian Reports.
* Davis Chama has been spared from participating in this evil
scheme so as to allow him mend his friendship with Tonga
Speaking People whom he used to insult.

(23). Following the fading popularity of President Lungu and PF
on the Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces, it was agreed that
voters from these two provinces should be bribed with money in
the form of soft loans.
* Special Assistant to the President for political affairs
Kaizer Zulu was chosen to spearhead the bribing programme of
* The programme will be fully monitored by PF’s Intelligence
Services to see whether it is bearing intended results. And if
it does bear fruits, then the PF will extend it to other
provinces especially those perceived to be UPND Strongholds
like North Western Province

(24). Prices of essential commodities like fuel and mealie meal
will be reduced some months before the elections date.
* Electricity tariffs will also be reduced before tripling it
after elections should PF win.


The PF has planned to sponsor both international and local
organizations to conduct fake opinion polls that will always be
favoring Edgar Lungu and the PF.
* Money hungry individuals like Chilufya Tayali will also be
conducting theirs.
* Though the 50%+1 threshold is very okay, it is important to
indicate that the PF voted for it after concluding that in the
first round, HH will lead Lungu.
* But in partnership with the ECZ, Edgar Lungu will do
everything possible to ensure that HH doesn’t reach the
required 50%+1 so that a re-run will be required.
* During the re-run, Edgar Lungu will convince some key
opposition figures from smaller political parties to support
him and choose one of them as running mate so as try to undo
* The running mate clause was accepted by PF with a view of
throwing UPND into confusion since it has two vice presidents
(GBM and Canisius Banda).
* To this, the PF will try by all means to divide UPND by
trying to sympathies with either GBM or Canscius Banda.
* GBM is feared by many PF members to have strong command on
the Copperbelt, Northern and Muchinga Provinces and so, they
would rather kill than seeing him adopted as HH’s running mate.

Lastly, I call upon the Leadership of the UPND to take my
revelations/warnings seriously to ensure they put some measures
to counter the most calculated political violence, electoral
malpractice and propaganda since independence. Otherwise, the
information which President Lungu has indicates that he is
losing the 2016 elections.

BY Senior Member of the Patriotic Front Party’s Intelligence
Wing, Lusaka Zambia