Edgar Lungu this morning directed his PF cadres clad in police
uniform to block PF Roan MP and former information minister
Chishimba Kambwili from attending the Ukusefya Pangwena
traditional ceremony of the Bemba in Kasama.

Police were further ordered to eject him out of Kasama or face
arrest. He has since headed to Mansa but likely to meet the
same fate even there. Lungu is in Kasama to attend the
same ceremony and when word went through that Kambwili and
Musenge were in town, multitudes of people gathered around them
at Shoprite Supermarket to greet them as the mob chanted anti
Lungu slogans and praised Kambwili. Police then pounced on the
law maker and confined him within Shoprite premises.

Kambwili told the officers that he was in Kasama for the
traditional ceremony and that he had only been at the
supermarket to try and get some groceries but the
uncompromising heavily armed officers told him that they will
not allow him to proceed to Mungwi where the ceremony is being
held. As he was headed to Mungwi the PF cadres again blocked
him near Lukashya Trades Trades and at that stage the police
ordered him to leave Kasama or face arrest.

Kambwili was also blocked from featuring on radio Manoby PF
cadres and together with his team have since left Kasama and
are now heading to Mansa where word has also reached the
Watchdog that Lungu has instructed the police not to allow him
entry. As Kambwili was having a mini altercation with the
police officers, others were heard complaining against the work
they are being sent to do because they were equally not happy
to be committing injustice. Later he charged that those that
had blocked him in Kasama, in apparent reference to Lungu, are