The United Party for National Development distances
    itself from the Times of Zambia headline “HH recognises EL” The
    headline in the Times of Zambia is misleading and inaccurate,
    with an intent to create an impression to the people of Zambia
    that President Hakainde Hichilema has recognised Patriotic
    Front President Edgar Lungu as Republican President when
    actually not. The statement made by Secretary General of the
    Commonwealth Patricia Scotland was very clear and it outlined
    the process of dialogue pursuant to Commonwealth principles of
    good practice, governance and rule of law. There was no mention
    that President Hakainde Hichilema recognised President Lungu as
    Republican President. I would like to put it on record that the
    decision by UPND not to recognise Patriotic Front President
    Edgar Lungu, as Republican President is not President
    Hichilema’s decision alone, but it is the position of the
    entire Party. UPND is an institution run by different
    stakeholders who sit and discuss issues and build a party
    position. President Hichilema is always focused with a
    conscience and vision to build a better life for the people of
    Zambia. He is also on record that he has always been ready for
    dialogue but that should not be used to mean that he recognises
    President Lungu as Republican President. UPND is dedicated to
    dialogue and am sure Times of Zambia have President Hichilema’s
    statement and I quote “I am just a villager from Bweengwa, I
    did not come here to seek your sympathy, I came here for
    JUSTICE, you can take that sympathy somewhere else” To our
    Colleagues in the MEDIA we understand the environment and the
    difficulties and the risks you continue to face but it is our
    earnest appeal that you remain professional and responsible in
    your reporting which should be guided by your
    conscious.Remember you have life outside the Media. To our
    visionary President Hichilema the political courage you have
    continued to demonstrate in incarceration brings out your
    conscientious judgement needed in a leader. The membership and
    the world at large eagerly awaits your unconditional release.
    Issued by Ruth Dante UPND MEDIA DIRECTOR