Copperbelt teen in Satanism linked suicide


[WARNING: One of the pictures attached here is quite
graphic. Sensitive readers are advised not to click this link]

By Staff Reporter

And friends who saw this post thought he was joking. But for
those who had been following Mpanji Mulwanda’s posts and public
life for quite some time, the boy wasn’t really joking about
ending his life.
And they were proved right when the following day news broke
that the teenager has committed suicide by hanging himself on a

“I really do not know what went
into the boy’s head. But I suspect Satanism was at play. For
the past few months, he has been behaving strangely. He quit
church and was always on the internet talking to some friends
in foreign countries. Of all the sudden, he started playing
around with the idea of suicide. He started saying it would be
interesting watching we people on earth crying for him while he
smoked with the gods,” revealed one of his friends to The
Church Newspaper.

The news of the Copperbelt
boy’s death has left many people shocked.
“People may call it foolish, and so on. This boy gave a signal
that there was something wrong in his life. To me he looks as
if he was depressed and he needed help that was not given to
him. Children go through alot of issues and don’t really have
anyone to talk to because we are all busy looking for money to
put food on the table.


Why did he join a cult as
people are saying? Maybe it could have been peer pressure or
issues at home? I feel for his parents. Bringing up an a teen
is not an easy thing to do. Its tough bane. No parent can boast
to say their children are all perfect in a home. We are all in
a crisis with this teens. All we need is to continue supporting
and praying for them,” Nchimunya Milimo Tonga.